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Trakker Nitelife Bivvy Light 200

Trakker Nitelife Floodlight 1280

- Super-tough 1280-lumen rechargeable LED light
- Perfect for illuminating a large area
- Ideal for enhancing your night shots and videography
- 43x 0.3W white Luxeon LEDs delivering up to 1280 lumens
- 2x 3.7V 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Anti-glaring panel for smooth wide lighting
- One-click (Low/High/Off) operation
- Stainless steel protective lens guards
- Built-in adjustable stand
- With strong magnets for hands-free operation
- Built-in DUNC female thread for tripod attachment
- Micro USB recharging port
- LED charging status indicators
- Circuit protection to prevent over-charging or over-discharging
- Tough casing with rubberised grip
- 2m drop-proof &IP67 dust proof &waterproof
- Micro USB charging cable included
- Charging info: 6hrs charging time
- Battery Cycle 500 cycles (Reserves 80% Capacity after 500 cycles)
- Size: 154mm x 104mm x 32mm
- Weight: 325g

RRP £66.99 Save 4%
A great choice if you don't want to have to hang up your camera when the sun goes down, this floodlight from Trakker gives you 1280 lumens of anti-glare white light that gives practical, high-performance illumination to every part of your swim.

Fitted with an anti-glare panel, the light produced by these floodlights is a smooth, continuous glow, with no reflection – perfect for photographers and media creators looking to showcase every aspect of angling, from dusk to dawn, and right through the night. If you're filming a specimen series, you may find that the best catches and liveliest action takes place during darkness; make sure you're ready to get the best shots with one of the best angling floodlights on the market.

The Trakker 1280 Floodlight comes with a built in adjustable stand, which includes strong magnets for hands-free operation, which will be welcome by those who have to fish and film on their own – and a built in DUNC female thread for quick and convenient tripod attachment, which allows you to get the angles you need on every venue, every time.

Circuit guards protect against over and under charging, while stainless steel lens covers keep your bankside light in the best possible condition. Tough rubber casing makes the Trakker 1280 a drop-proof, IP67 dust and water proof light source that's suitable for putting any angling situation and location firmly in the spotlight. Supplied with a micro USB charging cable, this floodlight can easily be charged from a bankside power pack.

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