RidgeMonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 10L-Procastangling

RidgeMonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 10L

Trakker Heat Changing Mug-Procastangling

Trakker Heat Changing Mug

Trakker 5-Litre Icon Water Carrier

- Ergonomic design with wide, easy-fill/pour spout
- Sculptured carry handle
- 5-litre capacity
- Robust HDPE construction
- BPA-Free plastic

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Keeping cool on the bank during your summer sessions, or ensuring you have enough water for cooking, cleaning, and all those little bankside chores, has never been easier, thanks to this practical, durable water carrier from Trakker.

Made from BPA free plastic, with a robust HDPE construction, this five litre water carrier is designed to be easy to carry, with a sculpted handle, and is designed to make filling or pouring from your carrier a breeze.

Presented in classic carpy olive, this water carrier is branded with the stylish Trakker icon, making it a must-have choice for any angler. Whether you want to be fully equipped, or simply cool, buy your Trakker 5-Litre Icon Water Carrier today, and let the benefits flow.

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