Fox Camolite Reel & Rod Tip Protector-Procastangling

Fox Camolite Reel & Rod Tip Protector

Drennan Vertex 11ft Carp Feeder Rod-Procastangling

Drennan Vertex 11ft Carp Feeder Rod

RidgeMonkey Quad Stove Pro

- Approximate dimensions:
- Folded: 130mm x 130mm x 70mm
- Fully extended: 180mm x 180mm x 105mm
- Weight: 550g
- Super stable design
- Stainless steel braided hoses & bodywork
- Height-adjustable folding legs
- Single 2700W high-power output
- Gas condenser pipe *new
- Remote Piezo ignition *new
- Inclusive carry bag, toaster handle support and gas bottle stand
- Protected registered design
- Suitable for use with all EN417 ISO
- Screw thread equipped butane/ propane mixture cylinders

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Featuring RidgeMonkeys highly acclaimed super-stable quadrilateral design with its incredibly low centre of gravity and four height-adjustable folding legs, the high-powered Quad Connect Pro delivers unrivalled performance, stability and versatility.

Featuring an all-new gas condenser pipe to ensure efficient fuel burn even in the coldest of conditions, a remote gas connection for a stable set up on almost any terrain and inclusive carry bag, toaster handle support & gas bottle stand.

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