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Salmo Rattlin Pop 7cm Floating Lure

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Trakker 5-Litre Icon Water Carrier

RidgeMonkey Perspective Collapsible Bucket 10L

- Large 10 litre capacity
- Rigid top ring
- Reinforced PVC walls and base
- High-frequency welded seams
- New clear see-through front
- Hook &loop handle strap
- External D-ring

RidgeMonkey continues to impress anglers with its Perspective Collapsible Bucket. With this device, you will never be without a water container again. The bucket is designed to be folded away and ready for use in an instant, simply extend and fill to keep a supply of water close to hand at all times. This collapsible quality is super handy for storage but also makes the transportation of your fishing gear from the car to the bank all that much easier! When you are done with the bucket you just have to empty the water and fold the walls back down.

Emptying the water will also be an easy task, thanks to the hook and loop handle straps. There is also an external D-ring for stable pouring. This is great for when you need to control how much water you pour or the pressure of the water, especially when needing to give your catch on the unhooking mat some hydration. You can keep the bucket extended, full of water so you are prepared to pour the water when necessary.

The bucket has more than just this purpose. The design means you could just as easily fill the bucket with the maximum capacity of ten litres of clean water and use for a wash basin after handling nasty baits and slimy fish. Or you could just as easily use the bucket to store items in that you may be throughout your session, great to hook on your trolley when you are running out of space. The product could even be a bait bowl for you to mix up from groundbait. RidgeMonkey even suggests the bucket could be filled with ice and be your drinks cooler, as there is nothing more refreshing than an ice-cold drink whilst you sit back waiting for the bite alarm to sound.

Another great feature of the bucket is its clear, transparent front. This means you can easily see through the front section of the bucket into the water. This is not just a feature that looks great for inspecting water, It also helps to test out your rigs prior to casting them out to the waters. By simply dropping your rigs into the water in the bucket, you can view what the rigs look like once it hits the bottom of the bucket which is the term is what your rig should look like when it hits the bottom of the lake. From here you can tweak your rig to improve the setup, this will help you fool the wariest of fish.

There is no concern of the bucket collapsing in by itself thanks to the rigid top ring, reinforced PVC walls and base and high-frequency welded seams.

So for a multi-purpose bucket that does more than just keep a source of water close to you, try RidgeMonkey’s collapsible design.

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