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Ridgemonkey Nite Glo Bait Spoon

- Non-perforated head
- Robust one-piece construction
- Nite Glo material
- Moulded handle with hanging hole
- Approx. Dimensions: H 60mm x W 85mm x L 240mm

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RidgeMonkey was formed in 2014. Despite being one of the newest companies on the market, it has taken the fishing industry by storm, and its innovative products are flying off shelves up and down the country. The company is a team of like-minded anglers who are all striving for the same goal – to produce top quality products that really make a difference. RidgeMonkey is a young company with big ideas for the future and is determined to remain on the cutting edge of angling innovation for the rest of the company’s life.

This Ridgemonkey Nite Glo Bait Spoon is ideal for scooping boilies, pellets, maggots, particle mixes and more into your bait bucket come day or night. With many anglers hitting the bank before the sun has even begun to show, it seems fishing and stumbling around the bank in the darkness is something many anglers have to get used to.

A simply white scoop during the day, this tool is more than just useful for collecting up a portion of freebies to scatter in the swim. You can also use this to stir your spod mix, loading your spods, spombs and even bait boats.

Your bait delivery devices will be loaded up in no time whilst you can keep your hands nice and clean, slime free for handling your line, reel and rod. This is the standard size of scroop, with the approximate dimensions of H 60mm x W 85mm x L 240mm. This still provides plenty of surface area for a decent sized scoop of your particles, pellets or even a scoop of water to scatter over a fish on your unhooking mat.

Each spoon is a robust one-piece construction and boasts RidgeMonkeys unique long-lasting Nite Glo material. This means as soon as the light falls, the spoon has that glowing green colour that makes scooping up bait in poor lighting that much easier. It also means finding the scoop in the dead of the night easier or even when hunting through some luggage.

The non-perforated head means no weakened holes and the ability to scoop up all the juices of a crushed maggot or nut particle mix or even the ability to hold some lake water. This is a strong bait spoon that for ease of storage sports a moulded handle with hanging hole.

Robust, bright and practical. This spoon deserves a place in any anglers baiting equipment collection.

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