Salmo Slider 10cm Sinking Lure-Procastangling

Salmo Slider 10cm Sinking Lure

Salmo Fatso 10cm Floating Lure-Procastangling

Salmo Fatso 10cm Floating Lure

Nash Hookbait Pouch 4 Pot

- Tough, insulated and padded pouch
- Contains screw top hookbait pots and space to spare
- Dimensions: 10cm H x 16cm W x 16cm D

Nash is responsible for the development of much of the terminal tackle, rod supports, and bait we take for granted today and is a keen provider of carp and specialist tackle for the modern angler.

Many carp and specialist anglers carry more than just one tub of boilies and pop-ups. With a variety of buoyancies, colours, flavouring and sizes, the more bait taken to the bankside the more likely you are to find a bait that will succeed with those fish in a certain climate.

Nash has provided the perfect storage solution for these pots of baits with its Hookbait Pouch from its luggage range. Made to carry up to four large pots of hookbaits, this pouch is incredibly tough, and insulated to keep baits protected and at the right temperature during their time in transportation and during a long day at the bankside.

The Nash pouch is also super padded so that the pouch can ensure when dropped or accidently knocked that the contents are safe. The last thing you want is leaking hookbaits! For those that buy boilies in bulk, the pouch contains screw top hookbait pots as well as space to spare so you can store your favourites without taking the whole massive bag of bait to the bankside.

With the dimensions of 10cm H x 16cm W x 16cm D, this pouch will easily fit inside a carryall or backpack, with ease.

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