Leeda Concept GT 11ft Carp Feeder Rod-Procastangling

Leeda Concept GT 11ft Carp Feeder Rod

MAP PTFE Side Puller Beads-Procastangling

MAP PTFE Side Puller Beads

Leeda Concept GT 11ft Waggler Rod

- Slim 2 piece blank
- High quality guides
- Screw fit reel seat
- Gloss finish
- Handle features EVA and heavy duty cork

The Leeda brand has been offering tackle products for the angling community since the 1980s, focusing of sea, coarse and match fishing, the brand is able to build off decades of experience to provide you with the right tools that are efficient and functional for the rigors of the fishing day.

The Leeda Concept range specifically caters for all angling capabilities from beginners to the experienced, whilst providing a comprehensive range of coarse and match fishing products. This range includes key items to the fishing collection, such as whips, rods, reels, nets, handles and luggage.

The waggle rod is ideal for float fishing on the river, canal, or lake venues and with the strength of the super slim, well-balanced blanks this waggle rod lends itself to almost any kind of float fishing, helping you to land silverfish, carp, bream, barbel, tench, or even chub. The slender two-piece blanks add to the flexibility and lovely through the action of the rod. Thanks to the 11ft in length, the waggler rod is capable of casting larger floats like pellet wagglers so you can land the bigger fish during a match.

The Concept GT waggler also provides high-quality guides that have a smooth finish so that your line will not take as much damage or even cut during the tough battles with fish as well as offering the security and grip of a screw fit reel seat. Other than the quickness of assembly, the screw fit can provide a stable reel fitting. Also, the gloss finish adds not only style and is ideal for when the sun is hidden due to its shiny, reflective finish.

This waggler float rod has a shorter handle as there is no need to cast 100s of yards. Doing so will make finding a float that casts the distance difficult in both product and visibility. Also, waggler rods are often held, so the shorter the handle, the less weight and the more comfortable the rod will be while it’s being held. Leeda have added to the handles comfort by featuring an EVA and heavy-duty cork which tends to be lighter than foam handles and also maintain residual heat in cooler temperatures and the lower damping capacity of the EVA foam handle transmit vibrations better.

So for a waggle rod that provides that fishing-playing at a reasonable price, consider Leeda GT.

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