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Leeda Concept GT 11ft Waggler Rod-Procastangling

Leeda Concept GT 11ft Waggler Rod

Leeda Concept GT 11ft Carp Feeder Rod

- Slim 2 piece blank
- Supplied with 1oz &1.5oz tips
- High quality guides
- Screw fit reel seat
- Handle features EVA and heavy duty cork

The Leeda brand has been offering tackle products for the angling community since the 1980s. The brand is able to build off decades of experience to provide you with the right tools that are efficient and functional for any capability of angler. The Leeda Concept range specifically caters for coarse and match, getting you prepared for a strong performance. This range has one specific purpose which is to provide anglers with an open to start or to continue fishing without breaking the bank.

Feeder rods or quiver tip rods come supplied with between one and three quiver tips and is used for fishing with bait on the bottom, without the use of a float, so are a great tool for match fishing. This is your typical feeder rod of 11ft and can do everything you ask of it, from lobbing an open-end feeder 50 yards for bream, pointing it up in the air on a river and for catching a bigger stamp of carp. The 11ft rod is ideal for the angler who travels light thanks to the lightweight feel of the rod.

The Concept GT 11ft Feeder rod has a progressive through action, which makes it ideal for use on commercials when fishing with method feeders but is equally at home fishing with cage feeders. It is built on high-quality blanks that are responsive and agile, with top fittings to provide an exceptional feel when in use. It is made from high modulus carbon, which is ideal for minimal bending and fast response as well as offering good thermal conductivity and stability. The two-piece blanks shot large method feeders into a head wind or chucks feeders across the large river for barbel and chub.

Features quality guides throughout as well as a quality screw reel seat for ease of construction and supplied push in tips of 1oz and 1.5oz. This helps with detecting sensitive bites and provides a soft, progressive action, producing a lower test curve for when in those canals, lake or riverbeds and perfect for when aiming to catch silverfish, carp, bream or tench.

The rod also features high-quality guides so you ensured to have nice and smooth guides that will not have any rough areas will fray your lines. The screw fit reel seat makes attaching the reel easy and secure.

The handle of the rod features EVA and heavy-duty cork that is lighter than foam and is able to maintain residual heat in cooler temperatures. This means that they are warmer to the touch during the colder weather. Cork handles also have a significantly lower damping capacity than EVA foam handles which means that they transmit vibrations better and gives a more fishing-playing feel to the rod.

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