Wychwood Truefly 4pc Fly Rod-Procastangling

Wychwood Truefly 4pc Fly Rod

Korda Boilie Funnel Web PVA System-Procastangling

Korda Boilie Funnel Web PVA System

Korda Original Funnel Web PVA system

- 7 meters of PVA per system
- Korda PVA presentation container
- Systems come with Kompressa tool free of charge
- Create a PVA bag of any size
- Make bags in less than 30 sec
- Minimises wasted PVA
- Waterproof protective outer tube

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The Korda Funnel Web PVA systems have been a massive seller since its conception.

The first thing you'll notice is you now get more PVA for your money as Korda have increased it to 7 meters of PVA per system.

Inside the Korda PVA presentation container you will find a dispenser tube which now has a 'lip' to help bait going into the system easier. Plus all Systems come with the Kompressa tool free of charge.

Funnel Web was designed by Korda to create a PVA bag of any size in the minimum time possible - it can be made in less than 30 seconds leaving any other system for dust.

Funnel Web minimises wasted PVA making it the most cost effective PVA bag system ever made. If you are not using it in your carp fishing.

The system features a waterproof protective outer tube with removable end caps to get at the PVA inside.

It is a compact module which features an easy to follow PVA bag tying sequence permanently stuck to the outside. Once out of the protective tube you will find the inner tube has 7 metres of continuous PVA stocking on it.

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