Leeda Rogue Wireless Bite Alarm-Procastangling

Leeda Rogue Wireless Bite Alarm

Leeda Rogue Pack Pod-Procastangling

Leeda Rogue Pack Pod

JRC Radar DS Swing Indicator

- Designed and engineered in England
- Hockey stick with quick-connect system
- Magnetic free running line clip
- Clever aerodynamic profile
- Adjustable multi-color high performance
- LEDs (R, G, B, Y, P, W)
- Adjustable brightness of the LEDs
- Aerospace grade aluminium swing arm
- Add on weight system
- All weather design
- Powered by the alarm unit

JRC introduces a revolutionary illuminated indicator that is available as both a swing indicator and a hanger.

The latest micro-programming has made it possible to change the colours of the LEDs and adjust the brightness of the light.

This enables you to personalise your indicator and adapt it to any specific situation.

Thanks to the clever design, the indicators are extremely easy to set-up so that you don´t lose any valuable fishing time.

Due to the adjustable weights, the Radar DS Indicators are perfect for short range and long distance fishing.

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