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JRC X-Lite 3-Rod Buzz Bars

JRC X-Lite Rod Grip-Procastangling

JRC X-Lite Rod Grip

JRC Defender Levelbed Wide Bedchair

- Larger frame for improved comfort
- Ideal for anglers of any height and build
- Fully adjustable, locking legs
- Swivel mud feet
- Foam mattress

Whether you simply want to take the already excellent level of JRC bedchair comfort into the ‘deluxe’ range, or you need a longer, wider bedchair, and don’t want to sacrifice performance, comfort, and reliability, the JRC Defender Levelbed Wide is the only choice you need to make.

With all the durability and functionality of the standard Levelbed, but longer and wider, at 212cm (l), versus 208cm (l), and 90cm (w) versus 78cm (w), the JRC Defender Wide is the ideal option for anglers of any height and build who like their space when they’re camping out chasing their personal best.

When folded down, the Defender Wide provides a handy cavity for a sleeping bag, saving you space in both boot and barrow, while stability and dependability is taken care of by the fully adjustable locking legs and swivel, fold-flat mud feet.

A foam mattress under a durable polyester cover ensures the level of comfort and functionality that JRC have become famous for, and that dedicated anglers have every right to expect.

The elasticated perimeter offers flexibility without compromising on comfort and stability, while dual hinges offer the option of converting the Defender Wide into a flatbed, if this suits you better.

Over more than 25yrs, JRC have built a brand, and a reputation, around the challenge “expect more.” Maintaining a solid focus on bedchairs, the single product they started with back in 1992, JRC have increased their range and their presence, with almost everything you need for successful fishing, from nets and mats to barrows and bite alarms, all with the same level of exceptional JRC quality. Now part of the Pure Fishing portfolio and the Shakespeare brand, JRC is going from strength to strength, and looks set to keep bringing innovative quality to the world of angling.

Today’s anglers certainly expect more than an uncomfortable night chasing elusive fish, and JRC are more than happy to deliver above and beyond those expectations.

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