Abu Garcia 7ft 15lb Trolling Boat Rod-Procastangling

Abu Garcia 7ft 15lb Trolling Boat Rod

PikePro Winterised Oil 150ml-Procastangling

PikePro Winterised Oil 150ml

Holy Mackerel Pure Fish Oil 1 Litre

- Comes in 1-litre bottles
- 100% unrefined pure fish oil
- Made in Ireland
- PVA Friendly
- Shake well before use

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This oil will add an extra-strong scent to your baits, lures, rubby dubby and ground baits.

It can be used to inject dead baits, moisten and soften baits and is great for pellets, glugging boilies and can be added to the method mix.

Fantastic for both sea and freshwater fishing. For those targeting pike, carp, shark, conger, skate, tope, huss, etc. This oil is a must-have item in the box or on the boat.

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