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Greys Fish & Wet Wader Bag

- Inner heavy-duty PVC bag
- Fold down Velcro fastening
- Outer heavy-duty rip stop bag
- Shoulder and carry handle straps
- Dimensions (H x W x D):
- 600mm x 560mm x 20mm

Game fishing for food is where it all started and there’s something very comforting about the fact that fly fishing uses more or less the same techniques today that Roman anglers used thousands of years ago. Fishing on the fly and other game fish methods often take the angler out into beautiful countryside or out into off-shore waters, targeting hard-fighting and canny species. If you’re both skilful and lucky, you’ll have an armful of fish to take home but even if you’ve blanked you’re certain to have issues around wet clothing.

Step forward the Greys Fish and Wet Wader Bag. It is purpose-built to give you a helping hand at the end of a day on the water, whatever the outcome. Like all Greys luggage, it is made with a zippable heavy-duty rip stop outer material that resists the worse that you or the Great Outdoors can throw at it. But it’s the inside that holds the magic, where an even more heavy-duty PVC inner bag folds down and is fastened with Velcro to provide a leak-proof container that keeps your game fish fresh until you get home.

No fish today? Well, the bag won’t be brought along for nothing because the same containment ability will work just as well for wet waders, boots, or any other items of clothing that have taken a soaking in the pursuit of your art. No more damp back seats or boot interiors. No more nasty niffs soaking into the fabric of your car. The Greys Fish & Wet Wader Bag is a generous size of 600mm x 560mm x 20mm (H x W x D) and will accommodate a day’s take with ease. It also comes with carry handles and a shoulder strap.

Whether your happiest state is being up to your waist in a wild river while making tight loops with your line or fishing at sea with the coastline as your backdrop, the Greys Fish & Wet Wader Bag will take the hassle out of getting your prizes and/or wet gear home.

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