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MAP TKS Twin Core Hollow Elastic

Fox R-Series Guest Chair

- Lightweight and compact
- Folding chair in Fox Camo style
- EVA cover on arm rests with Khaki frame
- Dimensions
- Width: 51cm
- Seat Depth: 40cm
- Back height: 58cm
- Height: 20cm
- Weight: 2.75kg
- Outer: 100% Polyester
- Filling: 100% Polyethylene

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The new Fox R-Series Guest Chair is perfect for those moments when you’re on a longer session and friends or family pop down to spend a few hours with you, or a bankside peer pops round for a cuppa.

Fox International have become one of the leading tackle manufacturers in Europe and with its range of innovative, high-quality its not hard to see why. Fox released its first product in 1967, out of a small Essex workshop, 50 years on, the brand produce upwards of 3,000 products, retailing worldwide.

With its lightweight design, weighing in at just 2.75kg, and compact foldaway structure the R-Series chair is not going to take up valuable space on the bank, on your trolley, in the car or at home.

The 100% polyester outer lining is finished in Fox’s stylish woodland camouflage print, lined with a khaki trim and filled with 100% polyethylene for added comfort. The padded EVA arm rests are incorporated into the foldable frame and the headrest is emblazoned with Fox’s R-Series branding.

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