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Wychwood Wader Bag-Procastangling

Wychwood Wader Bag

Fox Halo AL1000C Torch

- 1000 lumen LED torch
- Lithium battery rechargeable
- Rubber molded FOX logo handle
- High quality aluminium housing
- On/Off rubber push button
- Two brightness options
- Zoom function
- 240m beam distance
- Water resistant IPX4
- Shock resistant
- Mini USB port, USB cable included
- Security cord

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Useful for checking rigs or rods at night, this is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery - offering a mighty 1000 lumen output.

There are two brightness options, plus a zoom function, so you see exactly what you're doing.

The beam has a maximum distance of 240m, with the components housed in an aluminium casing.

Will last between 2.5 and 11 hours dependant on the brightness setting.

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