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Wychwood Flow Carry-Lite Tackle Bag

Fox EOS Carp Rod

- Fox’s lowest priced rods ever
- Offering unrivalled value for money
- Ideal for newcomers to carp fishing
- Or anglers on a very tight budget
- Fox quality
- Full carbon construction
- 12ft 3lb is perfect for smaller venues
- Use with bait and rowing boats
- 13ft 3.5lb ideal for anglers fishing larger venues
- Use where longer casts are needed
- 12ft 3lb features 40mm butt ring through to 14mm tip ring
- 10ft 3lb is ideal for small venues, tight swims, young anglers
- As well as for boat and bait boat fishing
- All models feature 18mm DPS-style reel seats

As low as £54.95
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Fox EOS Carp Rod, If you’re looking for a top level carp rod at an entry level price then you need look no further. The Fox EOS Carp rod offers outstanding value for money, making it the ideal option for the angler who is juts looking to get started with carp fishing.

It is also perfect for carp anglers who have to fish on a budget but don’t want to sacrifice quality for savings.

Offering famous Fox quality, the EOS benefits from decades of carp tackle manufacturing experience. It really is a rod that is a cut above the rest in its price bracket. The EOS Carp boasts a full carbon construction.

This ensures that it is lightweight and durable – the perfect combination for any rod. It comes in at 12ft in length and it can offer an impressive test curve of 3lb.

This makes it the ideal rod for tackling carp on smaller venues, as well as for use with bait and rowing boats. The EOS Carp is set up with a 40mm butt ring, which tapers down to a 14mm tip ring for casting accuracy.

The rod features an 18mm DPS-style reel seat. This ensures that your reel is locked down into position, allowing you to cast and retrieve with complete confidence. Fox International has been producing world class tackle ever since Cliff Fox first began manufacturing his own tackle in the late 1960’s.

Almost half a century later, the brand has grown from a small portfolio of products to being the largest independently owned tackle company in Europe, producing a huge variety of products for anglers across the disciplines. Sub-sects of the brand include Fox Rage, a predator fishing range, and Fox Chunk, the brand’s carp fishing clothing range that seeks to combine high street fashion with angling practicality.

This EOS Carp rod is the cheapest rod that Fox has ever manufactured, paving the way for the brand to produce more items for anglers on a budget.

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