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Drennan E-Sox DropShot Fluorocarbon Leader

Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher

- Simple to use prong mechanism
- Produces a precise and secure bait every time
- No need for fiddling with bands and dropping bait

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Drennan Pellet Band Stretcher, The Pellet Band Stretcher is an extremely useful gadget that helps to make the process of baiting up with baits such as hard pellets and dumbbell boilies easier.

To use, simply insert the four pointed prongs inside a latex band and press the spring-loaded plunger mechanism to open them up.

The prongs will then stretch the latex band wide enough for you to insert the hook bait inside.

Depress the plunger and the band will contract and securely grip the hook bait.

It makes the fiddly process of using banded pellets much easier and works particularly well with Drennan Bait Bands and Latex Pellet Bands.

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