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Daiwa Sensor Clear Monofil

- Quantity 300m
- The number one monofilament line in the UK
- Exceptional reliability, durability and rugged performance
- Remains smooth even after long periods of use
- Consistent diameter
- Superb knotting
- Resistant to abrasive textures
- Ideal for use in bright or clear waters
- Spool Size: 300m

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Daiwa Sensor Clear Monofilament, This is without doubt the number one monofilament line in the UK.

It has scooped multiple awards, landed two British record carp and is popular with anglers across all disciples.

With a reputation for exceptional reliability, a rugged performance, Sensor has delivered amazing durability, suppleness, consistent diameter and superb knotting.

Manufactured to the same strict quality standards as its famous counterpart, Sensor Clear monofil is both highly durable and resistant to abrasive textures.

Its super clarity is an asset in bright or clear water conditions.

Enduring level of suppleness also ensures that Sensor Clear continues to cast smoothly even after long periods of use.

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