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Nash Subterfuge Brew Kit

- Holds all your brew essentials
- Stiffened body with handy table top surface
- Internal mesh pockets
- Elasticated twin carry handles
- Zipped exit slot for stove connection to an internal gas bottle
- Dimensions: 22cm H x 29cm W x 18cm D

The option to make a brew whilst on the bank can be a god send during the depths of winter, warming the cockles and giving you the boost you need to brave the cold outside your bivvy when re-rigging a rod or baiting a spot.

The exterior of the Brew Kit Bag – like the entire subterfuge range – is finished in Nash’s subtle camo print. Further features include a hard-wearing, elasticated dual handle and a stiffened body, enabling you to use the top of the Brew Kit Bag as a table top.

In terms of interior, the inside on the bag is partitioned into three separate sections, perfect for storing your stove, mugs and tea and coffee separately.

The Brew Kit Bag even features a small zip allowing you to connect your stove without having to have your gas bottle out on the bank.

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