Penn Wrath 5000 Reel-Procastangling

Penn Wrath 5000 Reel

Mitchell Impact Match Rod 12ft-Procastangling

Mitchell Impact Match Rod 12ft

Mitchell Avocet R 5500 FS Reel Black Edition

- Total black carpy design
- Understated subtle branding
- Pre-spooled with dark line
- Free Spool reel system
- Halo Rotor
- 2 + 1 bearings
- Black anodized aluminum Spool
- Multi-disk drag system with greased felt
- Soft Touch Handle Knob

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The Mitchell Avocet 5500R Black Edition has already been spooled with top quality nylon line.

The very precisely adjustable freespool system allows you to fish successfully in a wide variety of conditions from a clear sunny day to even stormy weather.

The reliable Mitchell Avocet 5500R Black Edition features 3 bearings, an aluminium spool and a strong multi-disc drag system that turn this reel into a durable fishing buddy with more than enough power to safely land even the biggest carp.

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