Matrix P25 Seatbox MKII

Matrix P25 Seatbox MKII

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Matrix P25 Seatbox MKII

- Lightweight aluminium H-frame
- Removable padded strap supplied
- Contrasting lime frame and black footplate
- New non-scratch sliding footplate locking mechanism
- 6x 25mm tele-adjustable round legs
- Swivel mud feet for extra stability on uneven ground
- All legs include thread leg caps
- Built using the popular Matrix drawer units
- Supplied with: 1x Front Drawer Unit, 1x Shallow Tray Unit
- Snag-Free fitting throughout
- Padded seat with built-in spirit level

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Matrix P25 Seatbox MKII
Known for quality tackle and accessories, Matrix is a brand that gives you everything you need to succeed.

Constructed around a lightweight aluminium frame, trimmed in lime green, which contrasts strikingly against a classic matte black frame, gives the Matrix P25 a stylish practicality that will give you comfort and convenience on any venue, and turns every peg into a flyer, putting you in the position of easily being able to get where you need to be with the minimum amount of fuss and hassle.

All of your accessories and match angling essentials can be stored in the front drawer unit of this stylish seat box, while pole winders and spare elastics can be placed in the shallow tray unit that also accompanies this comprehensive package.

Supplied with a removable, padded shoulder strap, the P25 features a non-scratch, locking footplate, and sits on a stable set up of 25mm telescopic legs, each of which is fully adjustable, with swivel mud feet that ensure a stable set up on any venue, and all types of terrain.

Threaded inserts, fitted to the each of the legs, mean that the P25 can easily accept a range of seat box accessories, allowing you to create a tailored fishing platform that suits you, your venue, and your angling.

Snag free fitting throughout ensures that the seat box gives smooth, effortless functionality, while the solid reliability of Matrix drawer systems are presented as a deep drawer unit, which provides protective, convenient storage for all your essentials and pole accessories, while winders and elastics can be stored on the shallow side tray that comes supplied with the Matrix P25 seat box.

The padded seat has a built-in spirit level, which gives you the benefit of being able to readily see when your seat box is in the perfect position for meeting the demands of match angling effectively and with assurance.

Getting the right seat box ensures that the five hours of your match flow smoothly, and bring you the kind of results you want, without putting too much strain through your arms and back, which is better for you in the long term, and ensures you can keep fishing well into your retirement, without any aches and pains to distract you.

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