Matrix 3D-R Brolley Brackets-Procastangling

Matrix 3D-R Brolley Brackets

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Preston Offbox Clicker Fishing Counter

Matrix 3D-R Up & Over Pole Rest

- Developed to hold your pole whilst balling ground bait
- Features quick release main knuckle
- Smooth high-density EVA foam
- Prevents damaging pole sections
- Fits 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round legs

The Matrix 3D-R Up And Over Pole Rest has been developed to hold your pole safely and securely while you're baiting your swim with groundbait. With a quick release main knuckle, and fitted with smooth, high density EVA foam, which holds your pole securely without damaging the sections, ensuring your pole remains in the best possibly condition for effective match fishing.

Designed to attach easily to round seat box legs of 26mm, 30mm, and 36mm. EVA foam is designed to cushion your tackle, and provide a secure, safe grip that takes you through every challenge of any angling situation, ensuring you're always placed to succeed, and ready to bring in the results you want, no matter what venue you're fishing, or what species you're targeting.

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