Mainline Response Flavours

Mainline Response Flavours

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Mainline Response Flavours

- A range of concentrated flavours
- Most accurate, lingering smell on the market
- A little flavour goes a long way
- High strength and concentration
- Highly soluble in all water temperatures
- Perfect match for any base mix

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Mainline Response Flavours
Mainline Baits is the biggest name in carp bait, a position it has proudly held since it was established in 1990.

The Essex based brand has become synonymous with carp capture worldwide, and consistently produces the highest quality carp bait on the market.

The company has a simple aim – to help you, the angler, catch more, whilst at the same time providing the carp with the food they need to grow and thrive.

Adding a flavoured liquid to your bait mix can really turn attractiveness up a notch.

The Mainline Response Flavour Liquids are a comprehensive range of bait additives that host a multitude of flavours to suit everybody's needs.

From fish to fruit to spice or savoury there is an attractor for every situation, come summer or winter.

To use of solvents and flavour bases from Mainline, you generally use a small amount of the liquid flavour on a high level of solvent base such as Ethyl Alcohol or Glycerol.

These bulk solvents are the base of most flavours, but carp, such is their awareness, can easily recognise the commonly used bases.

Having a variety of both flavour and a base of options such as in the Response Range gives the angler two variables to prevent using common combinations and spooking wary carp from getting hooked on the other end of your line.

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