Hotfoot Airlock Boots

Hotfoot Airlock Boots

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Hotfoot Airlock Boots

- Lightweight
- Flexible
- Waterproof base
- Soft grip upper
- Padded ankle and tongue
- Deep cut moulded sole
- Quick tie laces and rear lace loop

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Hotfoot Airlock Boots
Once you have your tackle sorted, it is important to focus on yourself. Wearing the right clothing and gear can really help you enjoy a session, whether it is to give you another layer of warmer, water resistance or comfort it is always a necessary buy.

These Hotfoot Airlock Boots have an appealing name alone.

You cannot beat warm feet even when out in the cold open wilderness.

Despite the insulation these airlock boots offer, they are incredibly light weight and flexible meaning bending, crouching and lower movement is made much easier rather than the usual boot pushing into your lower calf pain every time you bend to pick up your rod.

The boots will not only lock out the cold air but the water too thanks to its waterproof base.

The sole of the boot is deep cut moulded to ensure the most support for your foot as possible so you do not go home with achy feet.

There is a soft grip upper as well as quick tie laces and rear lace loop for a secure fitting.

Available in 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

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