Korda Mini Krimp Fishing Tool-Procastangling

Korda Mini Krimp Fishing Tool

ESP Braid & Mono Scissors-Procastangling

ESP Braid & Mono Scissors

Fox Rage Saw Tooth Cutters

- A pair of scissors and pliers combined
- Will effortlessly cut through lines
- Stainless Steel construction
- Mirror polished with treated cutting edge
- Spring loaded handle and lock guard
- 12.5cm length

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The Fox Rage Saw Tooth Cutter is made from a tough stainless steel construction and is a hybrid tool that combines a pair of scissors with pliers. Using this tool you can effortlessly and quickly cut thin lines, loose ends of nylon, hard monofilament, fluorocarbon and steel wire with complete ease. These cutters will also manage to cut and adjust titanium leaders. The cutters have a mirror polished finish with a treated cutting edge. The handle is spring loaded and there is a lock guard. The handles have an ergonomic shape for comfort when holding. The Fox Rage Saw Tooth Cutters have black coloured handles with steel coloured jaws and are 12.5cm in length.

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