Westin HypoTeez Glidebait 14cm 21g-Rainbow Trout-Procastangling

Westin HypoTeez Glidebait 14cm 21g-Rainbow Trout

Fox Rage Predator Crimping Pliers-Procastangling

Fox Rage Predator Crimping Pliers

Fox Rage Predator Kwik Change Wobbling Trace, Hook Size: 4

- Size 4 Hook
- Breaking Strain: 40lb

The Fox Predator Wobbling Trace has been designed to improve bait presentation by the addition of a revolving attractor blade which is situated just in front of the bait.

The wobbling trace has vibration and visibility which will add to it’s attractiveness to pike and help stimulate them into making an attack.

The blades come in different sizes to allow experimentation and the trace is very effective when used with trolled live and dead baits.

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