Drennan Specialist Cap-Procastangling

Drennan Specialist Cap

Salmo Sunglasses black/blue frame Ice Blue Lens-Procastangling

Salmo Sunglasses black/blue frame Ice Blue Lens

Fox Life Jacket Black and Orange

- Automatic inflation.
- Designed to correct your body position in 5 seconds in knocked unconscious unless wearing heavy clothing.
- Secondary manual inflating valve.
- Once inflated saftey reflectors are visible.
- Stainless steel quick-release buckle.
- 150N
- Universal size for adults.
- Outer fabric 100% polyester.
- Inner bladder: Nylon and TPU laminated Polyester.

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Fox's new life jacket is an essential for your boat work. Featuring automatic inflation, safety reflectors become visible when the life jacket is inflated, making it easier to spot when light levels are low.

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