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Fox EOS Reel

EOS 7000
- 5 stainless ball bearings
- Rotor balanced profile
- Gear ratio 5:1
- Weight 450g
- Line capacity 0.30mm 150m

EOS 10000
- 5 stainless ball bearings
- Rotor balanced profile
- Gear ratio 5.5:1
- Weight 558g
- Line capacity 0.35mm 260m

No spare spool supplied with any model

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Being one of the leading tackle manufacturer’s in Europe, Fox International is certainly a company that you can trust. It has stuck to its ethos of creating high quality, innovative and exceptional performance produce for more than 50 years, since it was first established. Over this time, it has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience that its team puts to use when designing and manufacturing new terminal tackle. Though designs and styles may change over the years, one thing has stayed the same: its focus on practicality. Any product in any of their ranges has been designed for a purpose and fulfils it, including this reel for the specialist angler.

The Fox EOS Reel is available in two sizes: the smaller EOS 7000 and the huge EOS 10000. Both sizes of the baitrunner reels have five stainless ball bearings. These are an excellent feature and an essential for any big pit reel to perform at its highest and a big factor in this reel’s success and world class performance. Friction can often occur on the internal reel mechanisms and these ball bearings work to reduce it and prevent any issues that may have arisen from it. This ensures that you get a smooth operation every time, and it also maintains the lifespan of the reel and guarantees that it will be on top form throughout. Thanks to these ball bearings, this reel will never prematurely lose its fantastic quality and high performance.

The incredibly well balanced rotor is also featured on both sizes of these carp reels. This rotor has been computer balanced; there is no room for human error, making its balance near perfect. This ensures the rotor performs flawlessly throughout the lifespan of the reel. There is no use having a reel with an unbalanced rotor, and Fox is well aware of this. With this great piece of tech, the reel lasts longer and will give you even more angling sessions that you’ll never forget.

The EOS 7000 has a gear ratio of 5:1, whilst the Fox EOS 10000 has one of 5:5:1. The EOS 7000’s line capacity is 0.30mm 150m, and the EOS 10000’s is 0.33m 320m or 0.35mm 260m. Depending on your target, each of these carp fishing reels has a huge amount of potential that will be a great companion for any carp rod. The weight between the two sizes is not much, with the 7000 weighing in at 450g and the 10000 at 558g, so if you’re an angler targeting bigger fish, you needn’t worry about transporting the bigger size of this reel.

The EOS 10000 has been specifically designed for the specialist angler who likes to target the largest of the carp and coarse species and will balance extraordinarily well on any of your Fox carp rods. It has an exceptional amount of cranking power, and with its phenomenal ratio, you will be able to pull in large amounts of line with each turn of the handle and reel in the biggest and most aggressive of specimen fish with confidence and ease. It is also sturdy and robust, so it can cope with the huge amounts of power needed to reel in the bigger catches and won’t let you down.

Hard-working and reliable, Fox reels not only performs brilliantly down on the bank, but it looks wonderfully stylish too. With its sleek all-black cosmetics and complementary twilight handle and spool, this reel will make for a perfect combination with the rest of your gear and make sure you are the most stylish angler on the bank. This reel is all round a superb piece of gear and a worthwhile investment.

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