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Fox Camolite Coolbag

Fox Cookware Windshield

- Lightweight aluminium construction
- Comprises 7 hinged panels
- Features pegging pins to aid stability
- Supplied with a handy carry bag

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Seven hinged panels, featuring pegging points that ensure a secure hold on any terrain, and in all conditions, the Fox Cookware Windshield is made from lightweight aluminium, and offers an effective wind break, ensuring your stove operates at maximum efficiency, and preventing a sudden gust of wind from putting the flame of your stove out, so you can keep cooking, whatever the weather. The windshield offers complete protection from the wind, ensuring that your stove is always operating at maximum efficiency, which, in turn, saves you money on fuel, and means you won’t need to carry so much with you when you head out for your next session.

Presented in stylish black, this shield will look smart as part of any set up, creating a good first impression, as well as serving a practical purpose that enhances your angling experience, and ensures that your session is as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Folding down to a compact size, this windshield can be easily packed in a rucksack pocket, making it a common sense choice to enhance your water’s-edge experience.

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