Delkim Txi-D 2 Bite Alarm Set

Delkim Txi-D 2 Bite Alarm Set

Delkim TXI-D bite alarm

Delkim TXI-D bite alarm

Delkim Txi-D 3 Bite Alarm Set

- Contains three TXI-D bite alarms
- Contains a Rx-D receiver
- TXI-D:
- Tried and tested vibration sensing
- Digital signal processing (Patented)
- Beep speed control (Patented)
- Digital radio with range test
- Enhanced weather protection
- IMU security movement sensor (Patented)
- Compact design 30% smaller
- Enhanced LED settings
- Stealth LED mode
- Twin clear LED's available in various
- NiteLite output socket
- Mute function

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Delkim Txi-D 3 Bite Alarm Set

This set Contains three Delkim TXI-D bite alarm and a Rx-D receiver.


With 10 years of development and over 40 years of bite alarm experience this is the most technologically advanced bite alarm we have ever produced.  Packed with features we have not lost sight of the fact that bite indication is the key. 

Digital signal processing, beep speed control, digital radio, advanced robotic weather proofing and smaller precision mouldings are just some of the improvements that have gone into this alarm. 


Since releasing our first radio system in 1994 we have always been at the forefront of bite alarm radio technology. With over 25 years of radio experience we have now made our most technologically advanced receiver ever.

A fully digital radio system giving ultimate range, performance and penetration with no interference. Market leading battery life and security features as well as our unique DND (do not disturb) and RunLite functions.

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