Drennan Red Range Feeder 6-40 Reel-Procastangling

Drennan Red Range Feeder 6-40 Reel

Drennan Series 7 Carp Method BR 9-30 Reel-Procastangling

Drennan Series 7 Carp Method BR 9-30 Reel

Daiwa Ninja Spinning Reel

- New Distance control line clip
- Five Models available
- Double handle options
- Air Rotor
- Twistbuster II
- Digigear II
- Infinite Anti Reverse
- Spare Spool
- Geared down retrieve for power

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Instantly recognisable as a Ninja reel, thanks to its vibrant red spool, this is a spinning reel that more than lives up to the prestigious heritage of the Daiwa Ninja series. Boasting a whole host of exclusive Daiwa technologies, and manufactured to the highest Japanese standards, the Daiwa Ninja Spinning reel has the ability to revolutionise your angling.

The body of the reel is constructed from high quality graphite, which is one of the most popular tools in reel manufacture. It’s popularity isn’t hard to understand; offering firm rigidity, even under the highest pressure scenarios, graphite is still lightweight, meaning that a graphite reel will sit comfortably on a variety of rods.

Supplied with two spools, this reel offers a good range of versatility on the bank and ensures that you can change up your angling style when necessary, so you never have to feel restricted, and can respond instantly to any challenges your fishing brings you.

The Ninja Spinning benefits from an Air Rotor system which is most commonly found on Daiwa reels that are up to four times the price of this model. Air Rotor is an enhanced rotor shape which has been designed for angling under a heavy load – making it the ideal choice for the predator angler. It allows the reel to give a smooth action under the pressure of heavy lures or live baits in a variety of scenarios. Not only this but, as the name suggests, Air Rotor is feather light, too. This maintains the balance of reel, preventing potential wear, tear, and unnecessary pressure points.

This is a front drag reel, ensuring that you fish as confidently with a braided mainline as you would a high performance monofilament – affording you a huge amount of bankside options. The reel has four ball bearings in operation to ensure that this front drag is exceptionally smooth. It also operates on an instant anti-reverse system – eliminating rearward backplay on the handle and ensuring you get more positive hooksets more of the time. Supplied with both an I-shape and a T-shape knob, the choice of grip is yours. Either way, you’ll be achieving high power for your input – perfect for all manner of spinning activities.

The reel is available in a variety of sizes. Whether you’re fishing on a lightweight lure setup or you’re looking to target some seriously major pike, you’ll be able to find the ideal Ninja for your needs. The 3000A is a reliable intermediate reel, which can handle most bankside angling scenarios.

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