Veniard Golden Pheasant Body Skin-Procastangling

Veniard Golden Pheasant Body Skin

Veniard Standard Hackle Pliers-Procastangling

Veniard Standard Hackle Pliers

Veniard Woodcock Wings

- Natural colour
- One pair of wings per pack
- Approx 18cm Length x 6.5cm Width
- Great for wet and dry Trout flies
- Mainly used for hackles and wings

The Veniard Woodcock Wings are great for dry and wet Trout fly tying.

The feathers on the wings have a beautiful ginger and dun colouring with a marbled effect.

As the feathers are fairly soft, they are most frequently used as hackle collars and can sometimes be used as wing patterns too.

Flies that commonly use Woodcock Wing feathers are the Woodcock & Hares Lug Spider, Woodcock & Red Spider and the Woodcock & Mix.

The Veniard Woodcock Wings have a huge amount of feathers and each wing measures approximately 18cm in length x 6.5cm in width.

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