Veniard Blue Jay Wings-Procastangling

Veniard Blue Jay Wings

Veniard English Partridge Complete Skin-Procastangling

Veniard English Partridge Complete Skin

Veniard Mallard Duck Wings

- One pair of wings per pack
- Approx 27cm Length x 8cm Width
- Great for wet and dry Trout flies
- Mainly used for wing material

The Mallard Duck Whole Wings are a full pair of wings with complete sets of the normal grey duck quills as well as many with the beautiful blue white tips that make the Mallard Duck feathers stand out.

These feathers are mostly used for modern dry Trout flies and wet flies.

The blue white tips are very eye-catching with a highly reflective glossy sheen.

These feathers are commonly used for wings.

The wings are tied upwards on wets and tied vertically for dry flies.

Examples of common flies that use the Mallard Duck Whole Wing feathers are the Butcher, Quill Gordon and Silver Butcher.

Each wing is approximately 27cm in Length x 8cm in Width, these whole wings are great value for money with having a large amount of usable feathers for fly tying.

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