Veniard Antron Body Yarn-Procastangling

Veniard Antron Body Yarn

Veniard Peacock Gold Body-Procastangling

Veniard Peacock Gold Body

Veniard Hand Stripped Peacock Quills

- Roughly 25 per pack
- Approx 6.5cm Length
- Hand picked thinnest quills
- Ideal for dry Trout flies
- Good for bodies, particularly on Nymphs and Buzzers

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These Hand Stripped Peacock Quills from Veniard take away the hassle of stripping your own quills and provide you with perfect, ready to use quills in a variety of colours for dry Trout fly tying.

These stripped quills are some of the finest, thinnest quills taken from the Peacock Eye Tops and are most commonly used to tie bodies on dry flies, Nymphs and Buzzers as they give great natural segmentation.

Common flies with Hand Stripped Peacock Quill includes Cruncher Quill, Black Traffic Lite Buzzer and the Red Tag Quill Buzzer.

The Hand Stripped Peacock Quills vary in length but are approximately 6.5cm long and there are roughly 25 per packet.

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