Veniard Golden Pheasant Complete Head-Procastangling

Veniard Golden Pheasant Complete Head

Veniard Grey Squirrel Tail-Procastangling

Veniard Grey Squirrel Tail

Veniard Cul-De-Canard (CDC) 1g

- Mix of different sized feathers
- Ideal for Trout Dry Flies, F Flies
- Nymphs and Shuttle cocks
- Ideal for wings but can also be used on body and tails
- Natural floating properties

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The CDC feathers, also known as Cul De Canard, are natural feathers are feathers that surround the preen gland on a duck.

These feathers are vital to Trout Dry fly tying due to their buoyant properties produced from natural oils in the duck's gland.

Best for using on Trout Dry flies particularly F flies, the CDC feathers contain natural oils which help repel water and naturally soft feathers that help to create movement in water.

This feature is especially good for Nymph flies.

The feather's high buoyancy from the oils create water-repelling properties which is ideal Shuttlecock flies.

These feathers are also known for their air-catching properties so would mainly be used for wings on Trout Dry flies that are constructed into a bubble shape.

This helps trap more air for extra flotation.

Common flies found with CDC feathers include the Yellow Owl Shuttlecock, the F Wing Claret and Duracell Jig CDC T/B.

The CDC feathers are a beautiful, soft and come in a mix of different sizes.

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