Sensas 3000 Brune Groundbait-Procastangling

Sensas 3000 Brune Groundbait

Dynamite Baits Silver X Explosive Feeder Groundbait-Procastangling

Dynamite Baits Silver X Explosive Feeder Groundbait

Sensas Strawberry Fizz Groundbait

- All Season Groundbait & Attraction
- Stickiness: 4 out of 5
- Richness: 4 out of 5
- Particle size: 4 out of 5
- Colour when wet: Red
- Use for tench, carp & bream
- Weight: 0.7kg

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Sensas Strawberry Fizz Groundbait.

This mix contains a strong strawberry flavour, the most effective fruit flavour known to attract fish especially tench, carp and bream. The mix is highly active and produces a vivid red cloud of fizing particles to pull fish in from all depths.

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