Sensas 3000 Lake Groundbait-Procastangling

Sensas 3000 Lake Groundbait

Sensas 3000 Roach and Silverfish Groundbait-Procastangling

Sensas 3000 Roach and Silverfish Groundbait

Sensas 3000 Lake Black Groundbait

- Stickiness: 2 out of 5
- Richness: 2.5 out of 5
- Particle size: 3 out of 5
- Colour when wet: Black
- Use for all species
- Mostly effective in Autumn / Winter
- Weight: 1kg

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Sensas 3000 Black Lake Groundbait, A very fine dark groundbait designed for difficult fishing in clear water. Works best when used with other dark groundbaits like Sensas Blacke etc.

The classic Sensas 3000 range of groundbaits has stood the test of time and been developed to work on diverse venues and different fishing styles: canal, lake, river, waggler or bolo fishing etc. The Classic Range is the result of close collaboration between our technicians and the experience of top match anglers throughout Europe.

These are pedigree groundbaits with a proven fish catching track record.

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