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Preston Pulla Bung

- Made from lightweight plastic
- Enables you to pull the elastic tighter after unshipping the top kit

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The Pulla Bung from Preston Innovations is a nifty tool for anglers who prefer pole over rod fishing, and it has quickly found its way into many match anglers’ kit bags. Constructed from lightweight plastic, this tool allows you to pull your elastic much tighter after unshipping your top kit. This presents a plethora of bonuses, not least the fact that you can use a lighter elastic for catching small carp but you are also able to tighten it if you happen to hook a bigger fish. This in turn allows the option of playing large carp on top 5s or 6s with much greater control. Faster netting and fewer pole breakages are just two of the other benefits that come from using the Pulla Bung.

The Pulla Bung’s dimensions are 15mm through to 25mm (from thin end to thick), with a 3.4mm hole through the tube. This accommodates most elastics, making it the perfect universal tool.

Preston Innovations is a specialist match fishing brand and has been designing dedicated tackle for match anglers for over 30 years. Preston prides itself on designing tackle with a purpose and each product is rigorously tested before being put on the market – whether that’s its world class seat box system or a simple but innovative tool such as this Pulla Bung.

By working closely with world class anglers such as Tommy Pickering, as well as two times national champion Emma Pickering, Preston ensures that it is only ever producing tackle that is required on the bank – and it hates the idea of producing tackle for the sake of it.

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