Mainline Smart Liquid 250ml-Procastangling

Mainline Smart Liquid 250ml

Mainline Fluoro Pop Ups Pink & White 14mm-Procastangling

Mainline Fluoro Pop Ups Pink & White 14mm

Mainline High Impact Pop Ups 15mm

- Long lasting buoyancy
- Infused with potent flavours &attractors
- High, long term attractor leakage
- Durable enough to withstand nuisance fish
- Great for zigs, snowman presentations & chod rigs
- Size: 15mm
- Approx 60 baits per tub

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Mainline Baits is the biggest name in carp bait, a position it has proudly held since it was established in 1990. The Essex based brand has become synonymous with carp capture worldwide, and consistently produces the highest quality carp bait on the market. The company has a simple aim – to help you, the angler, catch more, whilst at the same time providing the carp with the food they need to grow and thrive.

Mainline's High Impact range of Pop-Ups offer the modern-day angler reliable, long-lasting buoyant hookbaits made using ingredients of the highest calibre.

By utilising the exclusive liquid additives used in the through out the High Impact range of bait, these Mainline pop-ups can not only be used in conjunction with matching boilies but can also be used as a high-attract hookbait in a multitude of other fishing situations. The baits are infused with potent flavour and attractors to lure that fish right into your landing net.

The Impact Pop Ups have a long term leakage so you do not need to worry about the bait losing its aroma after moments in the water. The pop-ups are 15mm so smaller fish may try to have a nibble but will soon spit out when they realise its too big! Not to worry as Mainline baits have also made the pop-ups durable enough to withstand nuisance fish such as these.

The bait comes in tubs of 60 and there are a range of flavours available in this impact pop-up, choose from Essential I.B., Spicy Crab, 50/50 Fruit-Tella, Peaches & Cream, Diamond White, Salty Squid, Banoffee or the High Leakage Mainline Pineapple pop-ups.

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