Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 15mm-Procastangling

Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 15mm

Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 12mm-Procastangling

Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 12mm

Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 18mm

- Highly Attractive Hookbaits
- Advanced Performance
- Create Critically-Balanced Hookbait
- Slow Sinking Buoyancy
- 250ml Tub (Approx 60 Baits)

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Mainline High Impact Balanced Wafters 18mm.

Mainline’s new wafter hookbaits have been designed and extensively tested to provide the modern-day angler the ability to create critically-balanced hookbait presentations quickly and easily. Simply thread the hookbait onto a hair rig and the weight of the rig hook will counterbalance the slow sinking buoyancy of the wafter perfectly.

Combined with the High Impact range of liquid flavours and additives the result is a selection of highly attractive hookbaits with advanced performance and hooking potential! Proven to be hugely attractive to fish, this bait is something ideal if you’re looking to get that dream catch to complete your day out on the bank.

Boasting a slow-sinking buoyancy, this bait is purposefully made to create that perfect balance and keep itself floating for as long as possible. This means that it maximises the most amount of time to stay within range of getting that dream catch onto your hook. Creating that critical balance is a tricky task, but the extensive testing that this bait has undergone makes us confident to say that it has been achieved! Now you can get on and enjoy your angling experience, confident that you’ve got the right bait for the job.

Another aspect of the Mainline 18mm High Impact Wafter that makes it ideal for the angler that wants results from all aspects of their tackle is its well-earned status as a highly attractive hookbait. Featuring the best of the High Impact additives and liquid flavours, you can be sure that the fish are going to find this utterly irresistible. Add this to its prolonged buoyancy and you’ve got a great deal - a bait that stays sufficiently off of the bed whilst giving off great flavours into the water for that dream catch to come right onto your hook. Truly value for money, you’re practically guaranteed to see a marked improvement in your success rate with using this bait.

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