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Korda Mini Combi Rig Safe

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Korda Kruiser Control Floater Line

Korda Mini Rig Safe

- It's robust and compact
- Will hold up to 60 pre-tied rigs
- Tweaked design to include several neat upgrades
- Magnetic locking system ensures that the box cant come open in transit
- And is easy to open, even in the wet and cold of a UK winter
- The rigs are secured by hooking over a ridged aluminum bar
- Prevents tangles, and the hook end of the box is slightly recessed
- Designed to protect those hook points
- Allowing you to leave final adjustments to rig length until you're in the swim
- The case is finished in a carpy soft-touch rubber too

The team at Korda are never ones to rest on their laurels and, although their existing rig safe was regularly hitting the best sellers list, the team knew that there was always room for improvement. This brand new Mini Rig Safe is as a result of Korda’s overhaul of their existing storage solutions and it already looks to be making waves across the carp fishing community.

Firstly, as the name suggests, this Mini Rig Safer is Korda’s smallest rig safe to date. This has a myriad of benefits – not least being that it doesn’t take up half as much room in your luggage as other like for like rig safes on the market. This frees up valuable room for other essential tackle items, allowing you to consolidate your gear on the bank. However, this smaller size doesn’t mean that you miss out on any of the storage space you will have come to expect from a top quality Korda storage solution. In fact, this compact rig safe can hold up to 60 pre-tied rigs! This means that you will never be short of options when you go to the bank and you don’t have to worry about taking small (and often fiddly) components down to the water’s edge with you.

In order to store this surprisingly large amount of tackle the Korda Mini Rig Safe features 30 standard single pins, as well as 15 double pins. These double pins have been designed to secure hook links that haven’t been finished off with a loop or a swivel. This is particularly useful as it allows you to leave any final adjustments in length until you’re in the swim, keeping you able to respond to the conditions of the water in front of you.

One of the useful features of the Korda Mini Rig Safe, other than its impressive storage ability and its compact size, is its clever magnetic locking system. This ensures that the rig safe won’t fall open during transit – potentially damaging your rigs – whilst also ensuring that it is still easy to open. After all, the Korda team understands that a large amount of your time on the bank is likely to be spent with cold or damp hands and having tackle boxes which are difficult to open (even with dry and warm hands) will only frustrate you on the bank – potentially disrupting your fishing when you want to keep a cool head.

Another brilliant feature of the Korda Mini Rig Safe is its rigged aluminium bar, over which you secure your rigs. Not only does this keep your hooks sharp but it also prevents your rigs from tangling in transit. The hook end of the rig safe is also slightly recessed. This provides further protection for your hook tips, as you need them to be as sharp as possible in order to ensure that you have the best chance of hooking your catch once it has taken your bait. As a final feature, the Korda Mini Rig Safe has been finished in a soft touch rubber. Soft touch rubber is not only nice to hold but it also gives the case additional grippiness, which again is useful for those days when your hands are numb with cold. It is finished in a carpy olive green, which ensures that it will look great with the rest of your carp fishing luggage.

If you’re looking for a top quality rig safe that doesn’t take up tonnes of space in your luggage whilst still allowing you to store a huge amount of rigs, this Korda Mini Rig Safe is the perfect solution for you.

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