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JRC X-Lite Rod Bloxx 3 Set

- 3D CAD designed and engineered in the UK
- Square base with isotope slot
- Adjustable hinging parts to control grip level
- Adjustment grip level with Allen key
- Changeable inlays in 3 sizes
- Medium can hold 14,15,16 mm carp rods
- Large can hold 17,18,19 mm carp rods
- Industry first adjustable rod grip for 100% grip
- Perfect rod grip for conventional up to extreme snag fishing
- The most powerful rod rest ever designed

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Designed and engineered in the UK, the JRC X-Lite Rod Bloxx 3 Set features a square base with an isotope slot, which makes it easy to mount your beta lights, and adjustable hinging, which controls the level of grip through your rod; the Medium Bloxx can hold carp rods of 14mm, 15mm, and 16mm, while the Large Bloxx can hold 17mm, 18mm, and 19mm carp rods.

Presenting an industry first, the JRC Bloxx are the only rod rest heads to feature full, 100% grip, and are the perfect accessory for all types of carp fishing, from conventional angling to extreme snag fishing.

The grip is easily adjusted with an Allen key, and changeable inlays are available in three sizes, to help you create a set up to suit your style.

The JRC X-Lite is the most powerful range of rod rests currently on the market, and something that should definitely be in your tackle box.

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