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Guru Pulse 8 Braid

- Pulse-8 is a top quality eight carrier braid main line
- Eight carrier means its produced used eight tightly woven fine strands
- Creating a supple, ultra-thin, super strong braid
- Perfect for feeder or bomb fishing when feel and direct contact is vital
- Its the ultimate distance casting braid too
- 0.08mm/15lb
- 150m

If you’re an angler who enjoys match fishing then chances are you’ll already be more than familiar with the Guru brand. It is currently one of the leading match fishing terminal tackle brands on the market and it prides itself on the creation of innovative and high performance products which have been proven to make a real difference on the bank. This is why the brand works with some of the biggest names on the match fishing circuit in order to ensure that their products are up to scratch. This Pulse 8-Braid has been given the same high quality dedication as the rest of the products in the Guru range and it has been field tested by giants of the match fishing community. This includes the likes of Steve Ringer, who has experienced incredible success with this braid both in field testing and match conditions, solidifying this braid as high quality angling essential for the serious match angler.

The Pulse 8-Braid has a number of unique features which really set it apart from the other brands, the first of which is also the feature which gives the brand its name. Rather than the traditional four strand braiding, the Pulse 8-Braid is an eight carrier braid. This means that eight individual strands have been tightly woven together to produce this braid. Not only does this create a significantly smoother finish to the braid but this also adds extra yards onto your cast. What’s more, this tightly woven braid is also significantly less likely to tangle than traditional four strand braids.

The Guru Pulse 8-Braid is perfect for the match angler who prefers feeder and bomb fishing. No matter what range you want to target, this braid can handle it all. One of the biggest benefits of the Pulse 8-Braid is its bite detection and this braid creates a direct contact between you and your rig. In a match fishing situation you need to be able to indentify and respond to bites quickly and positively; the Guru Pulse 8-Braid allows you to hit takes accurately time after time. The Guru Pulse 8-Briad has been designed for use in clear waters. This is why the braid has been given an exceptionally dark tint, as this perfectly camouflages the braid against the water. Virtually undetectable, you’re not at risk of spooking nervous fish with this high quality line. When you combine all of these great features it becomes clear to see that the Guru Pulse 8-Braid is one of the finest match fishing lines currently available on the market today.

The Pulse 8-Braids come in convenient 150m spools. It is also available in two different diameters and braking strains. The smallest of these is a 0.08mm 15lb line. This is ideal for all your intermediate match fishing work, when you’re using mid-sized feeders and you’re targeting average fish. The largest of these is a 0.1mm 18lb line. This is ideal for use with slightly larger or weightier feeders, for casting over longer distances, or for targeting larger species to increase your match fishing bundle.

Thin, supple, and strong, the Guru Pulse 8-Braid is the perfect choice for the match angler who really wants to up their game on the bank. Guru is one of the newer brands on the market and it was established in 2009. This youth ensures that the brand consistently thinks out of the box, innovating in areas that other brands wouldn’t have thought of. This has made Guru rise through the ranks and it is currently one of the biggest names in British match fishing, producing top end tackle in conjunction with the finest sportsmen and sportswomen in the industry.

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