Guru Pole Elastic Connectors-Procastangling

Guru Pole Elastic Connectors

Guru 15

Guru 15" Feeder Hair Rig

Guru Micro Shot

- Extra soft split shot
- Pure lead
- Perfectly cut
- Line friendly

Available in
- Size 8: 0.06g
- Size 9: 0.05g
- Size 10: 0.04g
- Size 11: 0.03g
- Size 12: 0.02g

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Available in sizes 8 to 12; every size available to suit your rigs. Guru Micro Shot come in a nifty 15g container that has a seamless corner opening. Designed to make getting to them easier and to also reduce spillage. Superb value for money, these are soft, well-cut and easy to use even on thicker diameter lines.

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