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Greys Prodigy Klip-On Unhooking Mat-Procastangling

Greys Prodigy Klip-On Unhooking Mat

Greys Prodigy Base Rucksack

- Padded adjustable shoulder straps
- 2 medium side pockets
- Internal soft mesh pouches
- 2 Large side pockets
- Jumbo front pocket to accommodate the tackle base
- Insulated bait compartment
- 2 small side pockets
- Large main compartment
- Anchoring points for prodigy unhooking mat
- Back support and waistband
- Reinforced base and ground contact points
- Weight: 1.4kg

If you have any real carp angling experience, you’ll be all too familiar with the exhaustion of taking all the kit you’ll need to and from the bank, particularly if the fish are running well, and you want to stay out for an extended period to try and get as many of them to take your bait as possible, or if you’re involved in the match fishing aspect of angling, where having everything you might need immediately to hand, and keeping your energy and momentum up over the long haul, can make the difference between sweet success, and coming a close, but irrelevant, second.

With the Prodigy Tackle Base Rucksack from Greys, you’ll never have to worry about what to leave behind again. This pack is fully loaded with pockets, providing ample storage for just about everything you could ever possibly need during a match or coarse fishing session.

The large main compartment is ideal for clothing and cookware, ensuring you can make yourself a cheeky brew – or even a fry up! – during lulls in the action, and quickly and easily ensure you’re suitably dressed to handle a change in the weather, be it pulling on your waterproofs, or swapping that thick jumper for a loose, cool t-shirt. Meanwhile, the jumbo front pocket is designed to offer the perfect fit for the Prodigy Klip-Lok Tackle Base Box, but could accommodate other, similar style containers, and an insulated bait compartment ensures that any and all ingredients in your baiting regime stay fully fresh, and in prime condition, ready to offer instant attraction to lurking carp once you get down to the water.

Internal soft mesh pouches provide handy storage for delicate items such as cameras, indicators, alarms, and sonar, as well as valuables such as car keys, wallet, and mobile phone, while a total of six side pockets – two small, two medium, and two large – hold all the tackle, tools, and accessories you’re likely to need, as well as snacks, drinks, and personal items.

Greys really have thought of everything with this practical and generous piece of carp luggage. In addition to the massive range of storage options just mentioned, the rucksack includes anchoring points for the Prodigy Unhooking Mat, making it easy to include appropriate fish care in your bankside kit, while padded, adjustable shoulder straps , a waistband, and full back support to keep your gear and tackle from bumping against your spine, or digging into your back, provide complete comfort, and make this rucksack effortless to carry to and from the bank. With the rucksack itself weighing just 1.4kg, there’s plenty of scope to pack in everything you need without worrying about any added weight, while a reinforced base, and ground anchor points offer maximum stability and durability no matter how much kit you need to take with you.

The location of some swims, and the surrounding terrain, mean that barrowing to the bankside isn’t always an option. For those swims, make sure you’ve got yourself the Tackle Base Rucksack, so you can keep your hands free for your rods – or for pushing unruly brambles and low-hanging branches aside.

With maximum storage capacity, optimum comfort, and the ability to settle the pack into a position that’s just right for you, this could well prove to be the only piece of carp fishing luggage you’ll ever need, taking a little of the strain out of going after big carp, and leaving you free to focus on the physical effort required to reel them in.

Don’t wear yourself out before you even get to the bank – get this Prodigy rucksack, and arrive at your chosen swim buzzing and ready to hit up those carp.

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