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Greys GR20 Fly Rod 8ft #4

- Smooth and forgiving medium action great casting for beginners
- Hard-lined butt guides and chrome snake intermediate guides
- Anodised aluminium saltwater-safe reel seat
- Intermediate modulus carbon 4-piece blank
- Features twin locking nuts
- AAA-grade natural cork handle
- Hook keeper ring on all models
- Supplied with Cordura rod tube

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Even the memory of a wet line whipping behind you is enough to make most people who fish with a fly go all soft and dreamy. The act of casting is almost a ritual, full of intent and skill and with a promise of just rewards for the faithful. And yet, for many who’d like to start out in this ancient angling discipline, a barrier may be encountered in the form of cost. Fly fishing tackle tends to attract reasonably high prices but the GR20 Fly Rod from Greys has been launched to help.

This is a selection of fly fishing rods that is accessible to use for newcomers to the sport and comes with accessible pricing, too. Very little has been sacrificed to compromise, either. Let’s start with the carbon blank, whose intermediate modulus (or stiffness) rating results in a medium casting action which is smooth and forgiving. It’s perfect for beginners who are working to find their style.

The line guides on the butt end are hard-lined and intermediate guides have a ‘snake’ design that has been chrome-plated for resistance against water corrosion. Snake guides are reported to improve casting technique by preventing the line from hitting the blank when in motion. The reel seat on GR20 Fly Rods is made from anodised aluminium, which means you can head off-shore to cast for bass without worrying about saltwater corrosion and you can move from fresh to brackish water without a second thought. Twin locking nuts make double sure that your reel sits securely.

The handle is all-natural AAA-grade cork, the default choice for the majority of fly casters because of the comfort and protection it affords in cold and wet conditions. Those rods in the series which have a weight rating of #6 or below come with a Half Wells (RHW) handle design but those with a rating of #7 have Full Wells handles with a removable extension or ‘fighting butt’ for better handling of the extra weight and length, if required.

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