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Fox Camolite Net Float

Fox Camolite License Wallet-Procastangling

Fox Camolite License Wallet

Fox Zig Rig Storage System

- Zig rig storage solution complete with 20 pins
- 5 x Removable foam disks
- Each disk stores 3 zig rigs in their individual grooves
- Large diameter discs to reduce line coil
- 1 wrap around a foam disk is 1ft
- Comes with a zipped neoprene storage case

Giving you convenient, practical rig storage, the Fox Zig Disc provides 20 rig pins, with each of the five removable foam discs holding three zig rigs in individual grooves. Designed to reduce line coil, these large diameter discs are a simple yet high performance way to ensure that the business end of your tackle set up arrives at the water’s edge in the best condition to do the business when it comes to getting fish to the bank.

With a standardised size, the rig discs also allow you to easily measure out an accurate length; one wrap around the disc equates to 1ft of rig length; making the right terminal tackle presentations has never been so effortless.

Supplied in a zipped neoprene storage case, this Zig Disc case from Fox offers waterproof protection, and enviable practicality that will appeal to carp anglers everywhere.

Convenient terminal tackle storage, and easy rig measurement – what more could you ask for.

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