Fox Edges Power Grip Tungsten Rig Putty-Procastangling

Fox Edges Power Grip Tungsten Rig Putty

Fox Edges Bait Drill & Cork Sticks-Procastangling

Fox Edges Bait Drill & Cork Sticks

Fox Edges Kwik Change Pop-up Weights

- Brilliant pop-up weight system allows the counterweight to be altered in seconds
- Unique design prevents damage to line whilst elastic locks weight firmly in place
- Range of weight from No.4 through to Swan to cope with a wide variety of rig and bait combinations

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Kwik Change Weights provide the angler with a multitude of balancing and weighting options. Available in four popular, practical sizes to cover a variety of uses. The weights are attached simply by stretching a piece of the rubber tube and placing into the slot. This forms a totally secure fixture that will not damage the line.

Dispenser contains: - SWAN - AAA - BB - No1 - No4 - SA

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