Fox Edges Chod/Heli Buffer Sleeves-Procastangling

Fox Edges Chod/Heli Buffer Sleeves

Fox Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring Kit-Procastangling

Fox Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring Kit

Fox Edges Drop Off Heli Buffer Beads

- Versatile buffer bead that comprises three main components
- And is designed for helicopter-style lead setups
- Designed to work on both leaders and naked main line
- Use without the tapered insert for lead-free/leadcore leaders
- The main body holds all makes of Fox swivel lead in position
- Via the same type of friction fit used on the Edges Angled Drop Off Run Ring Kits
- The swivel of your lead can be fixed in place by the supplied T-peg
- Features Trans Khaki camouflage
- 6 x Buffer Beads and 6 x T-pegs per pack

Fox is a brand with over half a century of ensuring excellence across the carp scene, and a commitment to bringing that excellence and expertise to every other angling discipline.

Firmly established as Europe's leading independent fishing tackle manufacturer, Fox has never lost touch with its British roots, and this base enables the brand to bring out tackle and accessories that are designed to meet the unique challenges of home waters, whilst also excelling abroad, for anglers on fishing holidays, or enjoying international competitions.

Designed to give maximum impact to helicopter-style lead set ups, this versatile buffer bead is designed to work on both leaders and naked mainline, and can be used without the tapered insert if that better suits your leader style.

Presented in Trans Khaki Camouflage, this kit includes a T-Peg that can be used to fix your swivel in place, giving you a stable, effective lead set up, whatever the water challenges, and whatever your fishing style.

Designed to accept all Fox swivel leads, this six-piece Fox Edges Drop-Off Buffer Bead pack is a handy accessory that should be in every carp angler's kit.

With its beginnings firmly in the British carp scene, Fox is a firm favourite among carp anglers, who acknowledge it as a brand that regularly produces stylish, functional tackle and equipment that looks good and performs well in almost all scenarios.

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