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Fox Camolite Spool Case Large

- Unique Fox Camo pattern
- Stiffened along entire length for full crush protection
- Double zip with webbing bridge for ease of opening
- Wipe clean liner to keep grit and debris out of your spools
- Supplied with 3 foam dividers
- Holds four big pit spools
- 100% treated 500 denier polyester

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The Fox Camolite Spool case is the perfect answer to storing your spooled line safely. The case is stiffened from end to end to protect the contents from being squashed or crushed. The case features a bridged double zip which allows the case to be opened quickly and hassle free. It's wipe clean interior makes it easy to keep the case and spools clean. Holds 4 big pit spools with 3 dividers. Made from 100% treated 500 denier polyester and come in Fox unique camo pattern.

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